• What's Different About Galactic Coffee?
Because of the process and the water purification process, our coffee is the purest form of coffee you can get. The benefit of using the degassing technique to brew coffee means lower brew temperatures meaning less acidic coffee.
  • Do You Recycle?

Yes. Our main mission (after making kickass coffee) is to impact the planet in the smallest way possible. We reuse the glass bottles. After all, they're still perfectly good! Reduce, reuse, then recycle. Of course, we sanitize them entirely before repackaging. Everything else, like the water, paper, and labels, are always recycled when possible. We reuse any packaging materials, like cardboard boxes, that are returned to us. We use recycled paper for materials like business cards and brochures whenever we can. We kinda like the planet. After all, it's the only one with coffee. 

  • Where Do You Get Your Beans?

We get our "beans" from a local distributor, but they originate in Costa Rica. We only buy Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified coffee beans. 

  • Do You Do Wholesale?

Yes. To be considered for wholesale, you have to meet the minimum order quantity and be an established business. To get specific requirements, visit the wholesale page under services tab.

  • Need Help With Your Account?
Contact info@galacticcoffeecompany.com