Galactic Coffee Company was born when two things in our solar system collided: a love for coffee and a love for physics. And the rest is history. With our original brews, we guarantee to blow you out of this world! 
Okay, okay,  enough with the cheesy puns....  In all seriousness, all of our coffee's are phenomenally unique. Our cold brew coffee undergoes a process unlike any other. Our flavors are robust and authentic. And each batch is brewed with precision and lots of love.  
Our coffee is brewed in such a way that all of the robust coffee flavor and goodness is extracted from the bean without having the acidic aftertaste which regularly brewed coffee has. So now, instead of having to cover up and compensate for that bitter, acidic taste in your morning cup of Joe with artificial flavors and sweeteners, enjoy the savory, bold, blissful flavor you've been missing out on for so long. 
Enjoy a cup warm or cold and see what real coffee tastes like. You won't be disappointed. 
Brent Murray